Thursday, October 25, 2012

Free Vintage Airmail Stamped Postcard, Worn, Distressed Journaling Tag (Manila Shipping Tag, Pocket Card)

Vintage Airmail Stamped Journaling Tag  as an old Post Card (Manila Shipping Tag Pocket Card)

Write your thoughts and memories on this Vintage Shipping Tag Post Card with airmail stamp, hearts and a ribbon to tie it all up. Add it to your art project, web design, blog design, or scrap booking paper page. The download contains no background, and a 1 pt drop shadow and is in PNG format. These Journaling cards and Pocket Cards are ready for layering or adding to any project. Enjoy another Digital free web element!  If you need some digital paper to get started, download another freebie here:
Another Journaling Pocket Card with a Vintage Airmail Postage Stamp is here:

Digital Download Freebie: Vintage Scrabble Wood Alphabet Game Tile pieces. in a Photoshop PSD and PNG file, each letter on it's own layer. Hi-res, 300dpi

Hi-Resolution Vintage ABC Scrabble pieces! Use these Vintage Wood Alphabet Game Tiles to embellish your Blog, Web design, Visual Art, Collage, or Scrap Booking Project. This graphics alphabet is a hi-resolution 300 dpi Photoshop File (.psd file.) There is also a PNG file for Gimp and other photo-editing programs. What are the ABC's of this digital freebie? Each letter is on it's own layer! This is one game you can win without having to ask, "is that a scrabble word?" Scrabble or scramble your words anyway you like! A fun digital freebie you can re-color and personalize. With the additional 2 blank tile pieces, you also can create your own letter template, wing-ding or tiny photo frame. Have fun and scrabble something great!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Download: Vintage Polaroid Double Framed Journalers

2 sets of Polaroid frames with pretty ribbon and bows for you to frame two special photos side by side. I decided to make one pair with a ready-made journaling area on it, but you could journal on the other set as well. Just put them on a layer above your photos, or clip them to your photos as a mask (you’ll need to copy the frames twice, and layer them above your first photo, then your second photo.)  They have a vintage feel to them and the floral elements add a touch of sweetness–I think they suit my Grandmother well ;) As always these are quite large files–they are PNGs, have a very slight drop shadow and are created at 300dpi so that you can print them if you choose to. I hope you like these! I really enjoyed making them for you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012