Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Download: Vintage Polaroid Double Framed Journalers

2 sets of Polaroid frames with pretty ribbon and bows for you to frame two special photos side by side. I decided to make one pair with a ready-made journaling area on it, but you could journal on the other set as well. Just put them on a layer above your photos, or clip them to your photos as a mask (you’ll need to copy the frames twice, and layer them above your first photo, then your second photo.)  They have a vintage feel to them and the floral elements add a touch of sweetness–I think they suit my Grandmother well ;) As always these are quite large files–they are PNGs, have a very slight drop shadow and are created at 300dpi so that you can print them if you choose to. I hope you like these! I really enjoyed making them for you.

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