Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Download: “Memories” Photoshop Vector Brushes {January-December 2013 Date Stamps}

Photoshop Vector Brushes

Happy New Year! To celebrate a brand new year, I’ve made 12 photoshop Vector Brushes (a little worn and grungy) to stamp and date your projects with. Resize them and there’s NO jagged edges! Stamp away and mark your memories or projects with the month and our new year, 2013. If you want them less grungy, stamp, then copy that layer multiple times. When you like what you see, merge them. For those of you who may be newbies, remember that you can color the stamps by choosing your foreground color before you stamp. You can also stamp in one color on a layer, then stamp in a different color on the layer above. Next, choose a blend mode to get some great effects. Have fun and I hope you like these!
Download free photoshop brushes at and look for other free vintage photoshop brushes downloads for CS4 CS5 CS6 and earlier here: Use this photoshop .abr  brush  for stamping  on your Blog, Website, Visual, Scrapbooking or Collage Project. Printable and useful to date stamp your projects and memories!

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