Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Photoshop Vintage Picture Frames {Polaroid Journalers} Use with Gimp, Coreldraw or any other image-editing program!

Free Photoshop Vintage Picture Frames {Polaroid Journalers}

3 in a row, tied up in a bow! This Photo Frame layout is perfect for framing your lovely Winter or Christmas photos. As a .png file, you can use this in any image editing software program such as Gimp, Corel Draw, or any one you may prefer in addition to Photoshop.I had so much fun making these. I’ll call them “Polaroid Picture Journalers”  because I gave you a place at the bottom of the frame to write a caption. These are so pretty with their polka dots and snowflakes stamping, and if you look real closely, you’ll see some vintage (yes, VINTAGE!) handwriting paper that we all used as kids–the blue-lined newsprint (this sheet of paper had a poem written to my Grandmother from my Aunt which makes it over 60 years old. Very sweet.
I hope you enjoy these  Vintage Photo Frames and have fun preserving and framing your precious pictures.
(The Picture is of my husband when he was a boy. The irony of this photo always makes me laugh. I think he was either complaining to Santa about having to always eat his vegetables, OR he had such a long wish list the Santa could NOT believe it. I love the look on Santa’s face! It’s usually the other way around, right? Santa smiles, the kid is crying or distracted…)

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